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Cell One Walk - register here

Monarch caterpillarArrive early to meet your guide at the Cell One junction where you will explore the wetland trail looking for monarchs, sulphurs, whites and others.  This walk will also showcase the significance of wetlands and feature birds and mammals that depend on this unique habitat.

* Participants must arrive early in order to make their way to the Cell One junction (approximately 20 minutes from the entrance).
* Photography enthusiast welcomed.

Family Butterfly Walk - register here

Orange Sulphur by A. GrayExplore the diversity of butterflies and wildlife that thrive at TTP. The knowledgeable guide will point out butterflies, birds and plants as you walk along the nature trail and offer tips on nature viewing.

* There are opportunities to leave the walk early if necessary.

Butterfly Walk - register here

Take a walk with local butterfly experts through the meadow habitat at TTP. Learn about the different species of butterflies, caterpillars and larvae you see along the way. Walks will depart from the front entrance and will follow the nature trail through the Baselands.

* There are opportunities to leave the walk early if necessary.

 TTP Nature Bike Tours- register here

Bring your bike and join local experts for a bike tour of Tommy Thompson Park! Explore the park's various habitats, while experts highlight various bird, butterfly, flower and tree species that inhabit TTP.

*Participants must bring their own bike and safety equipment
*Participants should bring cameras and plenty of water
*Dress appropriately for the bike tour and weather
*This tour may not be suitable for young children or beginner bikers. Please consider the distance and the pace before registering children under the age of 12.

Native Plants and Pollinators Walk- register here

Learn about the symbiotic relationship between pollinators and the plants that rely on them to transport their pollen! Join a local plant expert to explore the park and its various pollinator habitats. 

* Photography enthusiast welcomed.
* There are opportunities to leave the walk early if necessary.

Pollinator Walk- register here

What bees and other pollinators are in Tommy Thompson Park? Learn about these significant and sometimes missunderstood creatures. Join a local pollinator expert to discover the diversity of pollinating insects that often go missed! 

* Photography enthusiast welcomed.
* There are opportunities to leave the walk early if necessary.

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Macro Photography: Getting Close to Nature Workshop - register here

Maxwell's Nature Photography

Professional photographer Max Skwarna will provide an introduction presentation to close-up and macro photography of flowers, insects and other small subjects. The interactive workshop involves an indoor presentation geared towards photographers with basic photographic knowledge. Techniques to create stunning close-ups and macro photography will be discovered throughout this workshop. An outdoor session will follow to practice the techniques you have learned in the beautiful setting of Tommy Thompson Park.

*Please wear appropriate clothing as outdoor session could be held in long grass areas (hat, pants, closed toe shoes, etc).

What to Bring:

Maxwell Monarch Photo


Visit to view photos or flashbulb555 on Instagram.                


Flight of the Butterflies Documentary -  register here

Come enjoy the SK Films documentary, Flight of the Butterflies, to view the year-long annual migration cycle of hundreds of millions of monarch butterflies as they travel from Canada to the mountaintops of Mexico!

  • Start Time: 12:00 p.m.
  • Duration: 50 minutes
  • Meeting Location: Staff Booth
Flight of the Butterflies

Gardening for Birds, Butterflies and Beyond - register here

Helping the environment starts in your own backyard. Learn how to attract and protect native species, such as Monarch butterflies, nesting songbirds and hummingbirds with beautiful landscape features. Participants will receive a free copy of the Creating Habitat Guide.

Gardening BBB

Butterflies for Beginners - register here

New to the world of butterflies and uncertain how to begin identifying these colourful, fluttery creatures? Join our local nature expert and ease into it. You will also venture into the Park and who knows what else you may find!

* Photography enthusiast welcomed.
* There are opportunities to leave the walk early if necessary.

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Indiana the Red-tailed Hawk from WEEP

The list of displays are from the following organizations :

  • Toronto Field Naturalists
  • Toronto Entomological Association
  • Wild Ontario
  • Monarch Teacher's Network
  • LEAF
  • David Suzuki Foundation
  • Turtle Island Conservation Program
  • and more!


Live Bird Banding Demonstrations

Visit the Tommy Thompson Park Bird Research Station (TTPBRS) on Peninsula D to see and meet our banding coordinator , Nigel Shaw, and see him in action as he bands migratory birds as part of the migration monitoring program. Learn about migration monitoring, the standard protocols and the importance of the research. Bring your camera as you'll also have the rare opportunity to see migratory birds up close and personal in Nigel's hand! Banding demonstrations are weather dependant.

  • Times: 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
  • Location: Peninsula D, at the Tommy Thompson Park Bird Banding Station

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